Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My first words

Hmm...Actually aku pun x tau nak taip apa..Boring sesangat dah keje..Minggu ni asyik surf tenet je..Kalau boss a.k.a. my brother in law lalu kat depan, i pretend doing my works. Anyway I would congrate myself for creating this blog. Mana boleh, my sisters got their own blog so I wanna have it too..It's about 5.00 pm now and I have half an hour before going back. Tak sabar rasanya nak uar uarkan blog ni kat adik2 aku. They maybe bz with their final exam now so I'll let them know it later. To my sis Ainaa Mardhiah & Arifah Good Luck For Your Final and To Aqeela..Do Strive Hard for SPM and best of lucks..Jgn asyik nganga mulut time jawab exam SPM nanti.