Monday, May 18, 2009

Susahnya makan ubat

Ni antara muka2 Irsa yang sangat2 susah nak telan ubat. I guess the medicine is quite sweet but why the baby refuse to have it? Susahnya la. It took about half an hour to finish 1.5ml of the medicine. Kalu hubby ada maybe senang sikit tapi dia awal2 lagi dah bertolak ke tempat kerja..

This is the typical face that she will act everytime the syringe is put near her mouth. She will bite the lower lip

I dun wan mummy!!

Irsa cepat mkn. sikit lagi nk habis. mummy dah lmbt nak gi keja ni (sakitnye ati dia boleh buat x tau)

Masih dengan muka poyonya. Tightly close her mouth.

At the end...

I had to speed up to arrive before the boss arrival. I hope it won't spoil the air-cond compressor.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Short Encounter

Here are some moments captured that I wanna share with you guys. Actually, we planned for Genting trip but managed to touching at Shah Alam/KL for one day.

During the day....

We departed to KL at 3.00 am in the morning and arrived there about 8.00 am. We had breakfast at Che Em's house (what a yummy nasi lemak we had) and took a rest while entertaining our lil Irsa and the cutie Airiel. After a while, my hubby got a phone call from her sister, informing that she will check-in the hotel on our behalf. Thanks Acu for all the help. We were bz organizing Irsa, bathing her, feeding her, playing around wit her. We then moved to Shah Alam, met my cousin and my sis in law there and after several discussion, we headed to SACC Mall for lunch.

These two buddies were playing on their own while their mums & dads were having breakfast

Forgot already what's the name of this food.But the taste wasn't bad at all. The main ingredients are suun with two nos of big prawn. Sort of tomyam I think...

With my sis in law Acu

With my cousin Husna

My lil daughter dozing off in Qistina's stroller

Whilst this energetic Qistina was busy tricking attention from her mom

Daddies took turn looking after the lil angles while mummies having dishes

Mummy & Irsa at the hotel rooms

At Night....

Met my best buddies Kirah & Che Em @ The Curve, Damansara. As we are having toddlers and baby who were very tough to control (Airiel who was gadding much at dat nite, Daniel who was just relief from HFMD, still this cute boy felt unpleasant to hang around wit & of coz my lil one Irsa was startled wit those peculiar things she had to adapt on dat nite), so we need to find such a cosy place then.. Unfortunately as it was a Labour Day, it was a lil bit hard to make decision on where to go. After all we agreed for Tony Roma's. But still, Tony Roma's were congested like a sardin can, caused us to line up to be seated...

Snapping pic with Kirah at the alley way out

Waiting for our meal @ Tony Roma's

This one looks very simple but the taste was as nice as the price..Quite worth it...

Some pics with Che Em

The Next Day.....

As early as 7.00 am (maybe not for others), we woke up and got ourselves 4 breaksfast. Irsa still sleeping. Pity her..She maybe tired for last nite gathering. We checked out from the hotel @ 11.00 am and pursued wit our plan to Genting..

Some pics before checking out from the hotel

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get the things done before the dawn

As usual, wanita bekerjaya yg ada baby kecik mesti x terurus jadualnya (ke aku sorang je yg x terurus?).It's about 2.00am in the morning when my little one fell asleep after 2 and half hrs trying to pampered her, fed her with both breast & bottle feeding, singing her lullaby, etc. Mcm2 benda buat nak bg dia tido. Kejap dia nangis, kejap dia seronok..Oh thanks God she finally slept and I could do my job peacefully. The daddy was snoring as usual and I put Irsa beside him (harap2 la dia x tertindih si kecik Irsa).

Suddenly, teringat nak cuci sterlizer after 3 mths plus tak buat maintenance langsung. Masa mula2 guna bukan main hygiene lagi aku ni..Sbb manual dia hilang and baru terjumpa masa tgh kutip and nak filing all the utilities bill. Then teringat pulak nak cuci comforter Irsa yg dah 2 mggu x cuci. Sblm tu dah basuh satu trip baju2 irsa. Kesian mesin basuh ni..Kalau la dia blh ckp, mesti penat dok pusing baju2 kitaorg. Mggu sblm tu gi jenjalan KL/Genting, mggu berikutnya balik kg. So, only this week I manage to wash it. Pity Irsa, patut la dia asyik berkahak ja...After done cleaning the sterilizer, ternampak pulak a bundle of clothes yg hubby baru angkat ptg td. Huh..what time I'm gonna to sleep? Luckily hubby had washed and sterilized all the feeding bottles that use in nursery during the day. Tinggal nak packing her stuff yg nak kena bwk ke nursery tomorow. X byk sgt pun, juz a pc of towel, 2 pairs of cloth, 6 pcs diaper and a pc of face towel.

1. Iron uniform hubby - done
2. Cuci sterilizer - done
3. Cuci baju Irsa - done
4. Cuci comforter Irsa - almost done (tggl mesin nak stop je)
5. Lipat kain - tried to finish by tonite
6. Packing brg2 Irsa dlm bag - Maybe tomorrow sblm gi keje

Irsa sleeping tightly till fell down from her pillow

The preparation for maintainence process

Maintainence in progress

It's done!!

The unifrom is ready to be worn

Timbunan gunung ganang, separuh dah siap lipat, the other half left for my hubby utk gantung dlm almari

After siap semua keja, aku gi jenguk2 mesin basuh...And...

17 minutes to go? pukul brp nak tido ni. now dah 3.40 a.m.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kisahnya Irsa

Alahai anak mummy sorang ni...asal nak tido je mesti nak kena bwk naik keta round satu pekan baru nak tido. tapi yg tensionnye bila dah tido atas keta, balik2 umah after letak atas katil dia boleh celik mata, besar2 lak tu..mummy & daddy mata dah terkulat2 but the little one ajak main dgn dia. if we just ignore her, she will start to scream. she just about 5 mth plus now so x tau nak beza time dah pukul 3 pagi ke ape ke. itulah alkisahnya our lil princess arianna irsa..btw, mak aku cakap waktu aku kecik2 dulu time nak tido wajib kena bawak round satu sg petani dgn keta, baru aku blh mother like daughter jugak la....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Complaints...Is this resolve for a better service???

Today I didn't go out for lunch, weather is truly hot just as summer season in Paris. Planning to have pizza delivery and I choose pasta as my choice. Order have been made, waiting for my spaghetti creamy carbonara to arrive in front of office door. Not more than 30 minutes my meals already in order. But as usual, the Pizza Hut J*t*a Branch in Kedah always bump up my displeasure. This time they made second mistake where they didn't bring along serviette instead they put in their bill "12 pcs serviette included". Previously they made several delivery of spaghetti without any plastic spoon. My company doesn't provide pantry space for staff to have refreshment so the spoon is very meticulous to me. Can't imagine how to eat spaghetti by hand. I wrote complaint to customer service and problem resolved. Few months later I made order but as usual there is something that dissatisfied me. No serviette included in my order even it stated in the bill. I took it as cool, perhaps I could change my bad behavior for always being too fussy.

Back to today's story, here are my conversation (more or less) with the Pizza sender...

Pizza Sender: Kak, spaghetti. Semua rm12

Me: Ok. (While looking at the bill). X bagi tissue sekali ke?

Pizza Sender: Emm.. x dak la kak..

Me: Pasai pa x dak. Dalam bil tulis 12 pcs serviette include. Ni dah kali kedua x bagi tissue. Kali pertama saya diam ja tau. Mcm mana blh x dak?

Pizza Sender: Mmg x dak la kak..

Me: Ooo..kat branch tissue dah abis ke apa? (Showing my wonder face)

Pizza Sender: X la..kat sana ada la..cuma saya x bawak.

Me: Lain kali kena bawak. Dah tulis kat bill, mesti la ikut apa yg tulih kat situ.

Then he went back to his destination and I took the pizza and ate in front of PC while surfing the internet. Suddenly I remembered about the sms given by customer service when I first made complaint to Pizza Hut. Searching for the number in phone book, I wrote the complaint about tissue paper..(I'm to fussy right??) In a minute they replied and said will take action on this matter.

2 hours later... the Pizza sender came back, brought a dozen of serviette and a roll of toilet tissue paper....

Pizza Sender: Kak, ni dia tissue yg kak minta tadi.

Me: Emm...saya dah abis makan dah pun..Dah terlambat nak hntr tissue..

Pizza Sender: Tadi kak buat complaint kan, ni saya mai hantaq la...Kak awat kak buat complaint, kak tau x tiap2 kali kak buat complaint gaji saya kena potong rm50. Kak tau kan gaji saya banyak mana sangat. Hari tu kak complaint psl sudu, ni psl tissue pulak.Kak kena la kesian kat saya.

Me: Saya x tau pulak psl gaji kena potong. Tapi kalu x complaint benda ni akan berulang lagi bila saya buat order.

Pizza Sender: Tissue ja pun kak, bkn benda besaq pun.. (This time his voice became louder and higher)

Me: (At 1st I pity to him but when he talk wit no manners at all I also rose up my voice). Mmg la bkn benda besaq tapi u kena tau cara yg sebetulnya buat delivery. KFC Mc D pun akan bagi tissue bila kita order makanan. Xkan u all x blh buat. Awat susah sgt ka. Kena la buat keja btl2. Customer is always right kan?

Pizza Sender: Ya la kak, tapi xkan psl tissue kak nak kami kena potong gaji.

Me: Ni bkn kali pertama tau...Dulu saya complaint psl plastic spoon, then sebelum ni pun ada gak hntr makanan x bwk tissue, tapi kat bill tu ada tulih kata bagi sekali dgn tissue. U nak saya complaint kata u cakap kasar dgn customer ka?

He kept quiet and I took all the tissue sent to me..

Me: Lain kali buat keja elok2..Nak hantar makanan mesti la ikut list apa yg mesti bagi.

Actually I pity them, but I just want them to follow the proper direction. Plus the staff became rude so it rose up my temper and I wrote second sms to the customer service. Here it is:

Sorry I dont know that staff will be deducted rm50 out of their salary 4 any complaint made. I'm not that cruel but I'm very particular person. Just to let them be prepared 4 future dlivery. Pizza Hut is such a big cmpany and maybe they shud have briefing how 2 talk 2 cstomer that is fussy like me. I know J*t*a is quite "kampung" area. maybe their staff mentality is low. That's y they need 2 be trained adequately 2 adapt with 1st class mentality. Tissue paper is not a big deal actually but perfect service is very important right?

I looked at the sms and there was 4 pages sms. Could it be sent?? Why there was no delivery report after I sent the sms?