Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Complaints...Is this resolve for a better service???

Today I didn't go out for lunch, weather is truly hot just as summer season in Paris. Planning to have pizza delivery and I choose pasta as my choice. Order have been made, waiting for my spaghetti creamy carbonara to arrive in front of office door. Not more than 30 minutes my meals already in order. But as usual, the Pizza Hut J*t*a Branch in Kedah always bump up my displeasure. This time they made second mistake where they didn't bring along serviette instead they put in their bill "12 pcs serviette included". Previously they made several delivery of spaghetti without any plastic spoon. My company doesn't provide pantry space for staff to have refreshment so the spoon is very meticulous to me. Can't imagine how to eat spaghetti by hand. I wrote complaint to customer service and problem resolved. Few months later I made order but as usual there is something that dissatisfied me. No serviette included in my order even it stated in the bill. I took it as cool, perhaps I could change my bad behavior for always being too fussy.

Back to today's story, here are my conversation (more or less) with the Pizza sender...

Pizza Sender: Kak, spaghetti. Semua rm12

Me: Ok. (While looking at the bill). X bagi tissue sekali ke?

Pizza Sender: Emm.. x dak la kak..

Me: Pasai pa x dak. Dalam bil tulis 12 pcs serviette include. Ni dah kali kedua x bagi tissue. Kali pertama saya diam ja tau. Mcm mana blh x dak?

Pizza Sender: Mmg x dak la kak..

Me: Ooo..kat branch tissue dah abis ke apa? (Showing my wonder face)

Pizza Sender: X la..kat sana ada la..cuma saya x bawak.

Me: Lain kali kena bawak. Dah tulis kat bill, mesti la ikut apa yg tulih kat situ.

Then he went back to his destination and I took the pizza and ate in front of PC while surfing the internet. Suddenly I remembered about the sms given by customer service when I first made complaint to Pizza Hut. Searching for the number in phone book, I wrote the complaint about tissue paper..(I'm to fussy right??) In a minute they replied and said will take action on this matter.

2 hours later... the Pizza sender came back, brought a dozen of serviette and a roll of toilet tissue paper....

Pizza Sender: Kak, ni dia tissue yg kak minta tadi.

Me: Emm...saya dah abis makan dah pun..Dah terlambat nak hntr tissue..

Pizza Sender: Tadi kak buat complaint kan, ni saya mai hantaq la...Kak awat kak buat complaint, kak tau x tiap2 kali kak buat complaint gaji saya kena potong rm50. Kak tau kan gaji saya banyak mana sangat. Hari tu kak complaint psl sudu, ni psl tissue pulak.Kak kena la kesian kat saya.

Me: Saya x tau pulak psl gaji kena potong. Tapi kalu x complaint benda ni akan berulang lagi bila saya buat order.

Pizza Sender: Tissue ja pun kak, bkn benda besaq pun.. (This time his voice became louder and higher)

Me: (At 1st I pity to him but when he talk wit no manners at all I also rose up my voice). Mmg la bkn benda besaq tapi u kena tau cara yg sebetulnya buat delivery. KFC Mc D pun akan bagi tissue bila kita order makanan. Xkan u all x blh buat. Awat susah sgt ka. Kena la buat keja btl2. Customer is always right kan?

Pizza Sender: Ya la kak, tapi xkan psl tissue kak nak kami kena potong gaji.

Me: Ni bkn kali pertama tau...Dulu saya complaint psl plastic spoon, then sebelum ni pun ada gak hntr makanan x bwk tissue, tapi kat bill tu ada tulih kata bagi sekali dgn tissue. U nak saya complaint kata u cakap kasar dgn customer ka?

He kept quiet and I took all the tissue sent to me..

Me: Lain kali buat keja elok2..Nak hantar makanan mesti la ikut list apa yg mesti bagi.

Actually I pity them, but I just want them to follow the proper direction. Plus the staff became rude so it rose up my temper and I wrote second sms to the customer service. Here it is:

Sorry I dont know that staff will be deducted rm50 out of their salary 4 any complaint made. I'm not that cruel but I'm very particular person. Just to let them be prepared 4 future dlivery. Pizza Hut is such a big cmpany and maybe they shud have briefing how 2 talk 2 cstomer that is fussy like me. I know J*t*a is quite "kampung" area. maybe their staff mentality is low. That's y they need 2 be trained adequately 2 adapt with 1st class mentality. Tissue paper is not a big deal actually but perfect service is very important right?

I looked at the sms and there was 4 pages sms. Could it be sent?? Why there was no delivery report after I sent the sms?

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