Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kenduri Kendara

Here I come again!! It had been ages since my last posting. There's nothing much to write and I was really truly in a whirl...and only now I experiencing how to be a working mom. June was the month for school holiday, and of course it was the month for people to have their Big Days. The subject matter was my pocket had been torn...buying wedding presents for those Kings & Queens of The Day..Hehehe....CONGRATULATION TO ALL OF YOU!!

Azni's Wed - 03/06/2009

Since it was only a HP camera so the resolution was not as good as DSLR camera due to lack of lighting. We arrived for Azni's kenduri exactly during Maghrib time after taking 1 hour journey to the destination somewhere in Kuala Nerang..Even it was so tiring coz we made our move immediately after office hour, but it was very fun when the ex-colleagues got back together.

Gopal's Wed - 03/06/2009

We rushed for Gopal's wedding at 9.00 pm. after spending a little time with Azni. As long as 1 hour duration to arrive, so does with the time to go back to Alor Star..Fortunately we were not that late for Gopal's Wedding..

Ira's Wed - 06/06/2009

She just lost her beloved mom less than a month from her kenduri.She was so tough to face the biggest test in her life and even it was just a small wedding ceremony, it run as smooth as their wish. May she happy alwez!

Helmi's Wed - 06/06/2009 (My hubby's colleague)

Coincidently my hubby's colleague also is a younger brother to my ex-schoolmate Nurhaslina Che Radzi. Unfortunately I miss the time to snap pic together with her. Anyway congratulation Haslina.

Mira's Wed - 07/06/2009

This is the only kenduri that I didn't eat at all. Just glasses of syrup coz my stomach was full with Nasi Minyak at my neighbours kenduri. Well, I should attend to give respect to the Bride & Bridegroom.

My Cousin's Wed - 07/06/2009

Time flies so fast..I just felt like yesterday we had quarrel when she pulled my ponytail. Congratulation & Happy Wedding to you! Gonna miss our childhood time together....

The piranhas smiled happily when they got their food. Believe it or not I ate twice for about 2 minutes gap from my 1st dishes.

My family with the Bride

The so-over-acting of us during the snappy session. Didn't notice that the Bride was over-shadowed at the back.

Sisi's Wed - 07/06/2009

The staff and ex-staff of C.T. World Group

With KS Lim - my hubby's superior who was so understanding

Me with Irsa took fresh air outside the ballroom