Friday, July 31, 2009

OMG! Again...Irsa fell down...

What a bad day. Irsa jatuh katil lagi for the 2nd time. I didn't go to work on last Wed (29/07/2009) due to mild fever (obviously not H1N1 ok), so malas nak bangun lagi. Ada la 2-3 times terjaga and tgk Irsa dok play alone atas katil, rolling sana rolling sini. And aku tertidur balik. I guess it's safe as aku dah buat benteng susun those pillows around the bed. Masa tgh tidur aku termimpi dia jatuh katil kat kampung. Suddenly dengar Irsa crying. Aku terjaga, OMG! Mmg btl la dia jatuh lagi. Bkn mimpi punya. And kali ni quite worse becoz she fell down right beside the side table. Of course la kan, before dia falling headlong on the floor, dia akan tersangkut kat corner side table.

Irsa nangis agak kuat la.. aku cepat2 angkat dia, sian dia teresak2...Harap2 la makcik depan rumah aku x dgr, if not dia akan tanya "awat arisha teriak tu?" - Arisha is the name she used to call Irsa. Satu family diaorang panggil Irsa as Arisha. Whatever..

Aku pun bwk la Irsa to the in front of mirror coz I know she will stop crying if dia nampak muka dia dlm mirror. In seconds saja dia blh gelak sampai terenjut2 badan bila nampak muka dia. But it didn't work for this time. Sure sakit sangat or terkejut kesan dari jatuh td. Alamak..nanti kang makcik depan datang habis la dia tortured aku (dia pernah pesan aku jgn tido atas katil dah, suruh tidur kat bawah bentang toto ja). Aku pun dgn usaha kerasnya pujuk Irsa bagi stop crying, bwk dia ke bilik tgh..pujuk dia, rub his head (takut ada darah beku) then dia stop nangis..tapi masih dok terisak2 lagi..Siannya. Called hubby bagitau Irsa jatuh, apa lagi ada la dgr sedikit khutbah, then dia suruh gi jumpa doc.

Appointment with KMC (Kedah Medical Centre) had been made at 2.30 pm. In the meanwhile I did observe whether Irsa got vomitting or any character changes. She also had no bruises over her body. Ye la x kan lebam2 terus nampak kot. Maybe 2-3 hari baru nampak effect.So far okay. I reached KMC about 2.45 pm, my turn already missed. But KMC here is not that straight. Kalau terlepas turn, dia akan panggil kita selepas current patient finish check up. And our turn had been called. Aku pun masuk dlm bilik Dr Razif and explain everything. Dia pun cakap "Oh, so this is the 2nd time la". Dia pun ingat psl Irsa penah jatuh katil dulu even aku x gitau pun kali ke berapa dah dia jatuh, maybe he looked at the previous medical record.Physically examined, Dr Razif said Irsa is okay. No need to do scan or x-ray. I also hope not to do that as she will expose to radiation. Alhamdulillah, everthing goes fine. Habis jumpa doctor and paid for the bill, baru aku teringat aku x makan apa satu hari, just minum air masak. Tu pun segelas camtu. Kuar dari spital, Irsa nak minum milk la pulak, aku x bwk susu dia igt kejap aje..dia nangis bagai nak rak sbb lapar sgt.. Ye la last dia mkn nestum kul 1.00 pm, now dah 4.30pm. Nak blk umah jauh lg, sian lak dia..pusing2 satu Alor Setar nak cari port yg sesuai, kalau tepi jalan kena matahari..silau pulak, so aku singgah stadium, cari parking yg jauh dr org, breastfeed dia, nampak dia mata layu dah, so angkat tepuk2 sikit atas bahu (ni mmg style Irsa tido coz dr kecik x penah tido buai) and dia pun tido..Ok aku tapau KFC je makan dlm keta. Letih gila. Finally I ate my lunch at 5.15pm. Lunch ke tea time ke aku pun x tau. Kalu tau nak jadi camni, baik posa ganti je.

On the way balik rumah..Sian dia..Letih sangat la tu. Jalan jammed lagi. Time org blk keje.

She fell down betul2 tepi side table. Mesti dia crawling then jatuh ke lantai. Of course la akan tersangkut tepi bucu ni. Adoi...

I did this benteng pertahanan for her, dgn harapan selamat la konon..I should let Irsa tidur tepi dinding. Ni aku pulak yg tido tepi dinding and Irsa tido sebelah lagi.Tobat..x buat dah lps ni.

P/S: To my siblings, if you read this pls dont tell mom or dad.Otherwise aku kena dgr panglima khutbah panjang lak.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Neighbours Day Out!!

It had been planned a month before we made the decision for this activity. My hubby as usual gave the green light for me to hang around in Penang. I woke up as early as 7.30 am on the weekend and prepare for the little Irsa. Concerning her milk, cereal and hot water, so does her diapers and some clothes for spare...everything was packed completely. We made our move at 9.30 am and I reached home as late as 12.30 midnight. (Thanks hubby for the trust you gave to me...) Our 1st destination was Gurney Plaza..We just did some window shopping and I bought a stroller for Irsa at Mothercare Outlet in Gurney Plaza.

Lunch at Chili's restaurant @ Gurney Plaza

My menu - Mushroom Jack Fajita
(marinated grilled chicken and beef smothered with cheese, applewood smoked bacon and fresh sautéed mushrooms. Served with grilled onions, bell peppers and house-made salsa also tortilla )

She suddenly awoke while we were having our lunch

She also having her lunch - fed by Auntie Nurul

With Nurul

With Tengku Aida

Her new stroller - Quinny Zapp
(Intended to buy black colour but out of stock, turquoise maybe another great choice too)
Her currently use stroller was actually a gift from my ex-colleagues to her late sister

2nd and final destination - Queensbay Mall

My legs became fatigue with the high-heels that I wore, so I bought a pair of shoes coz I know I will tawaf the mall for more..I didn't know what else to buy. It's not as the same as shopping with hubby..He would be my fashion coordinator.. So I just did some window shopping.. Only bought Irsa a Fisher Price Toy.

My new shoes

Irsa will probably bite it rather than rock a stack

There was a congested day in Penang. We need to park the car outside the mall plus we had to walk by to get into the mall. Poor us, what a heavy rain during the time going back so we need to wait until it turns to drizzle. I hate this situation..the crowds, people smoke near my baby...I know she will get the phlegm soon...

Waiting for Mak Engku to fetch us at the loby

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anjang Visit & Padang Besar

So unbelievable..I started cooking after more than a year I didn't touch any kitchen utensil even a knife. I broke the record when my bro in law's family came to Alor Setar to send their 1st daughter to Politeknik Arau . Everything was in a rush when my hubby came home late when I asked him to buy some dishes to cook for them. The dinner got raedy as late as 9.00 pm. It seems not enough to them, no matter how was the taste, my dishes cleared, their stomach must be empty I thought...

The next day, we went to Politeknik Arau - to look around for the place for the registration. After that, we went to Padang Besar.

At the parking area in Pdg Besar. The lilttle one can sleep everywhere as long as in the aircondition place

Didn't realize that it was lunch time, our stomach already we stopped at Restoran Tok Mek in Timah Tasoh for our lunch.

Again..snappy session while waiting for the food. See the small pic at the back - i guess my bro in law was thinking when the food will be ready.

Then we visited Taman Ular..a place that I never been even I was studied in UiTM Perlis.

The lines of mummy snakes.

Showing off its acrobatic skill

Monkey here seems neglected by the Park

Very cute - The otter couple responded to us. Hoping that we will take them out of the cage

The next day, we brought the teenagers for bowling activities. I also excited coz only now I can play it again since pregnancy and after giving birth. (This time I felt like I'm at the same age with them....)

My turn

The scorers smile happily after did well striking the bowling pint

Supper time. My menu at 12 midnight - Char Koey Teow & Tomyam Bihun. Ice Lemon Tea to cut back those fat taken