Saturday, May 3, 2014

My New Bundle Of Joy

I am proudly presenting my new baby which was born on 28 February 2014. Her presence in our family continues the story that plotted for us. From the 3 of us becomes the 4 of us and from 1 single daughter becomes 2 girls in the house!

There was a slight problem at the early stage of my pregnancy where I did not expect that I'm gonna be a mum again. I still remember it was during the holy month of Ramadhan, where I woke up to a spotting and of course I broke my fasting as I thought it was period. After 2-3 days passed I wondered why it still spotting with brownish color or slightly pinkish but not heavy bleed so I decided to do pregnancy test. And the result was +ve!!! The next day I went to gynae to confirm it with ultrasound and yes the doctor said I was 5 weeks preggy. I had been prescribed with duphaston pill to stop the bleeding.

So.... after the 'thriller' episode during my early pregnancy, month to month coping with fatigue and unwellness... I finally gave birth to a 2.9kg baby girl on Friday @ 3.50pm via c-sec. And the baby girl is... Nur Amanda Mishel binti Othman. Thank you Allah for our new bundle of joy!

Fresh from oven :)

7th day

One month old!!!

Snipping her hair

Deco for Amanda's event on 29 Mar 2014 'Majlis Cukur Jambul & Bertahnik'

The big sister was sulking. Thought that she's no longer be loved. Oh dear....